Physics/Astronomy Network of Intel Computers (PANIC) Information

PANIC is a facility for graduate students in the UC Berkeley Physics department. It consists of 9 PCs running CentOS operating system (a GNU/Linux variant). The lab equipment is provided by the Physics department.

Free accounts are available to all first-year Physics graduate students, and any other unaffiliated Physics graduate students; sign up by filling out this form.

All other users must pay $250/year for an account. You can apply for a paid account by filling out this form.

After you have applied for an account, you should obtain a key to the room. Get a key authorization form from Donna Sakima or Anne Takizawa (see contact info), and bring it to Anthony Vitan.

  • Location: 448 Birge Hall (Physics Grad Student Reading Room) and 475 Birge Hall (Physics Grad Student Lounge)
  • Hours: Open 24 hours (key access)

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